Veronica Mars is back, baby!

Veronica Mars is all new on Wednesday, on UPN at 9pm EST. Super YAY! The best part? No more breaks from here until the finale! For those who can’t even wait until Wed, shows the opening scene each week. Squeeeeeeeeee!\
If you haven’t watched out the show before, it isn’t too late to hop on the hip train. The mystery is being ramped up (and will be solved by the end of the season!) and next year’s mystery is going to be subtly introduced (says creator Rob Thomas). Come on, all the cool kids are watching. So, CHECK IT OUT! And then tell me what you thought of it! Thanks!\
Ooooh, also, UPN is re-airing the episode either on Saturday or Sunday (check your local affiliate) and again on Tuesday. There just really isn’t any excuse not to watch!\
P.S. Kev, could you post something extra computery and geeky to get my half of the blog’s readership up? Thanks, babe. Kisses!

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By Kevin Lawver

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