Pictures Of Me Looking Stupid

I spent a lot of time making faces. Here’s a selection:
* From Porter
* I give Porter the thumbs up
* Also from Porter
* Betsy likes my stickers
* Cindy thinks I have a secret
Several people were kind enough to take pictures during our panel:
These are all from the talented (and gimpy) Cindy Li:
* Before we began
* I think this is before we started too (there’s a funny story about why Arun didn’t have a name badge thingie, which I’ll tell when I’m not exhausted)
* Marc Canter says ‘hi’
* Me, looking evil
* Jeremy Keith asks us a question and Eric Meyer and Susie Wychak are in the first row
* Look at the size of his head!
* My awesome panelists and me
Leia took one too
Needless to say, I’m home. I’m extremely tired and my foot hurts. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with Doctor Wilson to see if I’ve done anything horrific to my ankle. Keep your fingers crossed.

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