Flickr Wandering

Whenever I’m stuck for something to do (like it’s 7:45 on a Thursday morning, I’m stuck on the kitchen computer, and not awake enough to think straight), I like to wander Flickr. I usually start with the most interesting photos of the last 7 days page, find someone I’ve not seen before, and then crawl through their photostream. Today, I found a great portrait photographer who apparently lives in Baltimore. His portraits are funny and beautiful (there’s one of a pug dog on a pink lawn chair that’s priceless). He also has an amazing photo of Muhammad Ali.\
Sometimes, I try to find people from the same country. Right now, two of my favorite Flickr-tographers are hkvam and _rebekka. They both have breathtaking landscape shots of Iceland. Oh, and I want one of these. (you can buy some of them, and am wondering if Jen would ever let me do this.\
Brian wants to go play now.

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  1. Never ever do that. That is how normal people get bumps, bruises, scrapes and maybe a strain or sprain. You break mysterious bones by stepping off a curb. You should never do this sort of thing. You would wind up in traction for a year.

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