The Global E-Mail Economy

The problem with the global economy is that there’s always someone awake and sending me e-mail. I get a couple hundred e-mails a day, and in the old days, I could be pretty certain that I wouldn’t get more than 10-15 over night, and they usually weren’t serious. Now? I get a good half a day’s worth of e-mail before I even wake up. How am I supposed to keep up with that?

3 thoughts on “The Global E-Mail Economy

  1. Hey Kevin! Kevin! Hey Kevin, I emailed you! Did you get it? Did you? I sent email! Did you get my email? Did you? Huh? Hey Kevin!
    (haha, no I didn’t)

  2. Hee. Imagine him trying to sort through hundreds of emails to make sure he didn’t miss an important “please pick up ice cream on the way home” request. Poor Kev.

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