Max’s First Soccer Game

I took pictures, lots and lots of pictures. Most of them were of eight boys running one way or another.\
Little kid soccer is a lot of fun. There’s the thrill of the kick, the attempted kick, the frenzied chase for the ball, the constant in-bounding and then re-out-of-bounding. The kids loved it, and we had a good time yelling encouragement. Next Saturday, more of the same.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Great pictures and classic little kid soccer. I love the staring at the grass pictures. So, he’s not really agressive and competitive, I take it?

  2. hi im Tameane Hammond and i just love the game of soccer. my faverout player is Harry Kewell. anyay i have fun play soccer cause i meet new friends and get along with people inot like. by please write 2 me.

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