Highlights in an Otherwise Disappointing Day

I’ve been sick all week. It finally got bad enough that I went to the doctor today and… I’ve got bronchitis. Hooray! I’ve got steroids and an industrial-strength decongestant to try to get the gunk out of my chest. I’ve been exhausted and in pain all week. I’m still exhausted and still in pain (it’s amazing how painful coughing gets after a while). The one bright spot? I got to drive my car to the doctor’s office, and it was great.\
The only other bright spot was that Jen finally has her own laptop, and she’s running linux! It’s a swanky used IBM ThinkPad T40 from Ombligo. It’s now running Ubuntu and she’s happily surfing, e-mailing and playing with background images. The install was painfully easy. The only weird part was getting the wi-fi working, and getting it to stay working after a reboot. But, even after fixing that, the total install, install updates, install missing software (RSS reader, Thunderbird, blog client) and fixing the wi-fi took about an hour (off and on between coughing fits and naps).\
Gotta look for the little bright spots.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Jen says:

    Can I add to more complaints to the list?
    1) My new sparkly flipflops are a pain to walk in, so say goodbye to them. (Not the silver ones Anne gave me.)
    2) Today Max’s teacher said she hadn’t heard anything about Max prior to meeting him even though when we met her last week she said she had heard he was a great reader. And she was really dismissive about Max being gifted.
    I kept talking to her though, and she perked up when I said that he likes to calculate the atomic mass of different compunds, so we don’t need to kill her just yet.

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