The Perils of Pneumonia

According to the x-ray they took today, I have a “shadowy abnormality” in my lungs that looks like pneumonia (or my lungs are haunted). So, it’s more steroids, antibiotics and rest. Rest includes bad movies, television, cup-o-noodle and split pea soup (my favorite “I’m sick” meal). My ribs are a mess, as is my right shoulder for some reason (violently coughing does that). Ugh.\
I’d much rather be working and playing with the kids than laying on the couch wheezing and coughing (sometimes productively, usually just loudly). I’ve watched all of Battlestar Galactica, a bunch of crap movies, and am about to break down and watch Jen’s Buffy DVD’s.\
Yeah, so don’t expect a lot of blogging or other fun from me for the next few days. I get another x-ray next week and hopefully the shadows will be gone.

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By Kevin Lawver

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