The Plague Continues

I took the boys to the doctor today because they just weren’t getting over their colds and Brian added vomiting to his symptoms. Max has pneumonia and Brian still has a fever and was wheezing. We sat through a breathing treatment for Brian in the office, with him fighting me constantly for the 10 minutes it took. While we were at Wegman’s waiting for the prescriptions, Brian threw up again. The pediatrician told me more than once that I sounded really bad and needed to see my doctor too. Waaaaaaaa. I blame Kevin and feel the need to be compensated with chocolate, something sparkly, or something that will make me laugh. Even though it really isn’t Kevin’s fault.

By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.