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I got the Supernatural DVDs today. Yippee! I highly recommend the show. It even made EW’s Top Five list last year. It’s kind of like Route 66 meets The X-Files -two brothers investigate urban legends across America as they try to find their missing father. The boys are very blue-collar, low-tech in their methods. No preternatural destiny or “Power of Three.”\
These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Generous sprinkling of humor
  • Random jump-scares! Wheeee!
  • Awesome soundtrack
  • The brothers’ relationship
  • Nods to iconic horror movies of the past
  • The lighting, camera work, and some of the special effects
  • The actors are great! Jeffrey Dean Morgan!!! Wheeeee! Jensen Ackles is fab too. And even Jared What’s-His-Name from Gilmore Girls.
  • Jensen and Jared have amazing on-screen chemistry.
  • Emotional continuity! (Imagine that! How come more shows can’t grasp this concept? Looking at you, Smallville, Buffy, Alias, Lost, Battlestar Gallatica)\
    So, quick, run out and buy it so you can catch up with the show before the second season premieres on the new network, The CW, on Thursdays this Fall!
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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. I completely agree! Love the show. I’ve been watching from day one, mostly because I love the whole folklore thing. But the series has really been great. You hit the nail on the head: the chemistry is great and the humor keeps things light.

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