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Jim Webb is running against George Allen for the Senate. If you’ve ever read this blog before, you probably know who I’m voting for, but in case you haven’t, I’m voting for Mr. Webb. The only thing you need to know about George Allen is that he votes with the President and the Republican majority more than 96% of the time. He’s part of the problem, part of the same corrupt crew of suck ups that led us into Iraq, created record deficits and enabled the most corrupt Congress in our lifetimes.\
He doesn’t deserve to represent Virginia, and he doesn’t deserve our votes. He hasn’t introduced any meaningful legislation and actually stole legislation from another Senator and presented it as his own.\
So, George Allen: crappy senator. It really doesn’t matter who’s running against him, voting for Mr. Allen is a vote for more imcompetance, more graft, and more rubber stamping of the President’s lunacy.\
I think the choice is pretty easy.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Pennsylvania has an equally crappy senator in Rick Santorum. However the Democratic candidate, Bob Casey Jr., isn’t any better. He’s a Republican in a Democrat’s clothing; he’s pro-gun, anti-choice, etc. So it’s still important to do your research when it comes to the candidates. A vote for the other guy in order to keep the incumbant out of office isn’t always a step in the right direction!

  2. It’s almost impossible to be worse than Santorum. Although you’re right, everyone should do their research, this time, a vote for a Republican is a vote for more of the same, and no accountability. If the Republicans hold the majority, the President will get to keep crapping on the Constitution, and we’ll continue down the path we’re on. I think I’d rather have a crappy Dem at this point than a crappy Republican, especially if I’m choosing between a challenger and an incumbent.

  3. Well, I went with the Green Party candidate. Sure, the guy has no chance in hell of winning, but I couldn’t vote for an anti-choice candidate, no way! Of course, I can’t believe that the DNC would even allow a candidate that doesn’t agree with the party platforms, but I guess that’s what the DNC has come to. This two-party thing is really starting to fail us; we need more options!

  4. What about Webb’s allegedly sexist beliefs and grossly offensive statements?
    VA has HORRIBLE choices this election.

  5. The sexist stuff was from the early 80’s and he’s since changed his mind and apologized. What were the other offensive statements? Whatever they were, he’s _still_ better than Allen.

  6. Just FYI- I am voting for Webb, too.
    The other statements (and I am not sure when these were) were about horny women’s dream about attending the academy or something like that. They may have been related to the Tailhook Scandal comments. I am unsure.

  7. Republicans Lost Compass, Morally Bankrupt
    I have been working diligently to unseat Tom De Lay Republican Sue Kelly here in New York’s 19th district, and feel I am more plugged into the elections nationwide than most are. As this election cycle has unfolded, it is obvious that the Republican Majority has lost it’s moral compass, and has nothing left in their bag of tricks but lies, deceits, and if necessary the actual brutal beating up on and attack on a Internet Blogger using his Freedom of Speech to ask a Republican Senatorial Candidate a question he would rather not face. Let’s Look at what the Republican Party now seems to stand for in America.
    In Tennessee, Corker has shown his true tighty whitey bigoted racist inner-self by allowing a racially toned attack piece to run against his opponent Harold Ford. Corker seems willing to stoop to any trick, any lie to win this seat, but if the people of Tennessee have any self pride and dignity, the racially toned commercial should be enough to send this bigoted white boy (Corker)back to the mountains where he can beat his wife, smack his children, and have sex with his sheep…WHAT?… cannot stand having the tactic reversed, cannot stand those stereotypes? Then don’t vote for Corker, as the man has shown he is a world class sleaze ball.
    God FORBIDE the Republicans lose one of their firewall Senate seats, so they figured out a way to top the dirty tricks of race bater Corker in defending Talent out in Missouri against a fine candidate in McCaskill…what did they do you might ask? They send Pillsbury Dough Boy, Rush Limbaugh to the airwaves to accuse Michael J. Fox of FAKING his Parkinson’s disease, and even worse, this drug addicted fat pompous ass had the audacity to mimic Michael J Fox’s twitches on the air. Stick a fork in that oversized druggies fat ass, his career should be done and over with…by the way, rumors stake that Melman, king of the Republican Machine leans in Mark Foley’s direction, and not trying to cast dispersions here, but if it were not for his wife and kids, I’d have some serious reservations about Talent…WHAT, you don’t like me giving you a taste of the Republican tactics? Then show some outrage at some of the horrid and socially unaccepted attacks your party candidates are using in this campaign.
    OF course, Virginia’s George Allen has stooped to more low life gutter behaviors than a Swamp Rat on steroids, with not one, but three separate actions that rise to a point of having his career ended, him being sent packing in disgrace along with Mark Foley, Duke Cunningham and Tom DeLay. First, he tosses out racial epitaphs at his opponents staffer, then pretends he MADE THE WORD UP! As the scandal broke across America, further developments showed us he had a penchant in his college days for using the N word. In the closing weeks of the election, and fighting for his job, he decided to ATTACK his opponents morals because of passages he’d (James Webb) written in published books. Surprised that George Allan’s staffers did not include a book burning in the commercial attacking Webb, but then once they had gone that far, might as well have burned a few crosses.
    Perhaps George Allen should look at the lusty lesbian overtones of Mrs. Cheney’s early published work. Then there is the daughter-in-law (Francine Torres-Kelly) of Republican Congresswoman Sue Kelly of New York (more on her in a bit) who as an actress with the American Repertory Theatre has played some parts, spoken some words that would make even James Webb (decorated war veteran, and George Allen’s opponent) blush. Using George Allen’s measuring stick, perhaps we should stone Sue Kelly’s daughter for being involved in such TAUDRY productions? Using George Allen’s Republican thinking process on all things moral, we would all know that most artists, actors and actresses are of low moral character, use drugs, drink to excess, and are sexually promiscuous, and if that is true, what kind of values was/is she (Sue Kelly) teaching her children, for her son to have married an ACTRESS? GEE, maybe it was no accident that Sue Kelly was in charge of the Page Board after all when Mark Foley, drunk, was trying to force his way into the Page Dorm back in the year 2000!
    Yet, George Allen was not finished, his staff yesterday showed us they were not finished when it came to dirty deeds done dirt cheap when they ATTACKED a blogger who wanted to ask Senator Allen about the accusation that he had SPIT on his first wife. I’ve not met George Allen, but the more I read about him, have to wonder if his knuckles still drag the ground when he walks. Mike Stark, a first year law student and citizen of Virginia tried to use his first amendment rights when he was BRUTALLY ATTACKED, and thrown viscously into a plate glass window by members of George Allen’s staff. Keep in mind, Senator Allen saw himself as a Presidential Candidate in the 2008 elections. I called Senator Allen’s office this morning after reading their press release, explained that said press release made it sound as if George Allen condones attacking people wanting to exercise their Freedom of Speech, and when I asked them for a comment, was told…”That’s our statement, and if you read that into it, we are fine with that.” OK…they had their chance.
    Here in New York, several Republicans seeking re-election have a host of ethics problems, including our own Sue Kelly. First, we have Congressman Sweeney, who has his own mini-Mark Foley moment when he was photographed DRUNK at a college frat party with his arm lovingly around the shoulder of a young man…hmmmmm. In late breaking news on this man, it seems that his wife may have CALLED POLICE on him, claiming spousal abuse! GREAT, another knuckle dragger that thinks nothing about beating women while espousing STRONG Republican Family Moral Values…tell me Republicans, is WIFE BEATING a Christian Republican value you embrace in your candidates?
    Now, with our own Sue Kelly and Tom Reynolds, we have a host of Republican members of Congress who KNEW about Mark Foley, but chose to HIDE HIM, and his CRIMES AGAINST OUR CHILDREN. We have Boehner from Ohio who when confronted by the press said he PASSED IT OFF to Tom Reynolds, his Boss. Not wanting the hot potatoe to burn his political chances, Tom Reynolds said he did what any employee would do, and gave it to his Supervisor! Sure, Congressmen and women see other members of Congress as their supervisors….who are we kidding? Reynolds has raised 100’s of millions of dollars, and now he suddenly claims employee status and says he passed it off to his boss, one Dennis Hastert, the Speaker of the House! Hastert claimed faulty memory, then blamed the whole public mess on the Democrats…..oh, and Sue Kelly….she claimed NOTHING HAPPENED ON HER WATCH as Chairwoman of the Page Board, then when that was proved untrue, she claimed NO KNOWLEDGE of the events! Sure Sue, we believe you….NOT. When the press tried to speak further to Sue Kelly on this matter, she was seen RUNNING AWAY, which is what her whole re-election campaign has been about. Running away from her declaration that the War in Iraq was over, and we had won. Running away from questions about her close ties to the same pool of PAC money that made Jack Abramoff infamous, and running away from having a debate on the real issues of this campaign.
    These are all new and recent scandals, examples of a morally bankrupt Republican Party, but not the only ones. Cunningham is in prison, Robert Ney has been sentenced to prison, Tom DeLay is under indictment, and when Mark Foley comes out of hiding, he’ll also be under indictment. Two members of White House staff have been convicted for crimes in office, and Scooter Libby is under indictment for outing a CIA agent. The blood of almost 3,000 American fighting men and women are on the hands of Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush for their MAJORLY FLAWED “Stay The Course” policy in Iraq. Many may have missed it last night in the whirlwind of Kerry’s statements, but Rumsfeld and Bush officially admitted defeat in Iraq when they caved into radical cleric Sadr’s demands to lift the blockades…in doing so, they have walked away from the search for one of our missing heroes, shown themselves to be devoid of a backbone.
    The winds of change are blowing throughout America, and we have a chance this November 7th to send a strong clear signal to Washington, that business as usual is over, and that we want a change in course.

  8. I think both candidates look a little scummy. I just can’t stand all the negative ads. If you’ve got something to say about an issue, Say it. Then shut it, slinging mud just makes us all look dirty.
    That being said, I think I will cast a very rare Democratic vote based on one issue:
    We cannot keep standing back and watching the sad pictures on TV and saying that something must be done.
    Allen gets an F http://www.darfurscores.org/george-allen
    Webb gets my vote.

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