Couch potato-ness

My beloved love seat found a nice new home. YAY! Kevin described the couple as very happy and young, which automatically makes me feel old.\
I spent all weekend shopping, though I didn’t get very far on my list. Note to self: next time leave the cute shoes at home and wear the comfortable ones. I was so wrecked by the last night that I could only veg in front of some Tivoed football games. The sound of football games coming through the tv is so soothing to me, I ended up snoozing unintentionally with the kids crawling all over and mauling me in my sleep. I think Kevin and I should make a CD of these sounds and market it to sports enthusiasts, like one of those peaceful, relaxing CDs of ocean breezes and gentle rains. I bet we could make millions! Hee.\
The finale of the first mystery on Veronica Mars is tonight (The CW, 9pm EST). I can’t wait to find out if my suspicions are right. Then a new mystery will start. I wonder what it will be?\
The Tivo in the sun room is acting up, freezing every 5 seconds. I want to shoot the darn thing and put it, and us, out of its misery. But Brian still thinks there is value is watching Go, Diego, Go in a herky-jerky manner. Just hearing it is driving me crazy. I think I will go watch some football to calm down.

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