A Non-Technical Microformat Definition

I was asked by someone at work to come up with a non-technical definition of microformats for some glossary of web terms they’re putting together. Here’s what I came up with:
bq. Using standards that exist today, microformats take the HTML used to build the web and turn it into powerful, semantic, machine-readable, web-service ready data – without changing the specification or changing how HTML is written or delivered.
And here’s what the amazing Paul Downey came up with on Twitter
bq. Microformats for non-techies: colours on a Web page for things such as “date” and “telephone number” which only computers can see
I like Paul’s better. Oh, and you should check out Paul’s presentation on Web API’s. The man creates the best slides in the business.

One thought on “A Non-Technical Microformat Definition

  1. But surely Paul’s statement is an illustration or example of a possible result a microformat could produce, not than a definition. Still, it does get a point across for complete non-techies, while your definition requires someone to be at least a mini-techie…

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