Social Networking Mashups

I’m speaking today at The Social Networking Conference about social networking mashups. I decided to turn it on its head a little bit and do an introduction on portable social networking instead, because what is it but a big ol’ mashup of identity, relationships and content?\ If you’re at the conference, I’ll see you at… Continue reading Social Networking Mashups

Portable Social Networks at Mashup Camp

I’m doing a presentation today at Mashup University that I’ve titled Tapping the Portable Social Network that’s a code tour of how to create a social network that uses existing social connections and public data to make the sign up process for web sites easier. Of course, this whole idea came from Jeremy Keith.\ It’s… Continue reading Portable Social Networks at Mashup Camp

Web 2.0 Expo – Making Lemonade

It’s been a wonderful (italics = sarcasm!) week so far. My second presentation at Web 2.0 Expo got moved to Wednesday at the last minute, and I won’t be here, so I’m not giving it. It’s a long and sad soap opera, and I’d rather not talk about it. But, instead of giving up entirely,… Continue reading Web 2.0 Expo – Making Lemonade

A Non-Technical Microformat Definition

I was asked by someone at work to come up with a non-technical definition of microformats for some glossary of web terms they’re putting together. Here’s what I came up with:\ bq. Using standards that exist today, microformats take the HTML used to build the web and turn it into powerful, semantic, machine-readable, web-service ready… Continue reading A Non-Technical Microformat Definition

AIM Pages

We launched a metric ton of new stuff for AIM Pages yesterday morning (started at 2AM and finishing up around 10:30 with tweaks and mad dashes throughout and after). The changes are definitely noticable. If you go to, you’ll no longer see the super sexy drag and drop editing interface, although it’s still available.… Continue reading AIM Pages

Microformats Presentation at AJAX Experience

I gave a presentation on microformats this morning at “AJAX Experience” Thanks to Molly and Aaron, I didn’t run way under, and I think it went pretty well. The AIM Pages demos went pretty well, but the network hiccuped just when I was trying to publish my page. Oh well.\ You’re welcome to go check… Continue reading Microformats Presentation at AJAX Experience