My Slides from Future of Social Media

Making Marketing More Human Through Technology View more presentations or upload your own. (tags: cluetrain tumblr) I finished speaking at *The Future of Social Media”… it was fun telling them not to join twitter if they’re just going to be marketers and not actually be human. I told them other stuff too, I think.\ I… Continue reading My Slides from Future of Social Media

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Social Networking Mashups

I’m speaking today at The Social Networking Conference about social networking mashups. I decided to turn it on its head a little bit and do an introduction on portable social networking instead, because what is it but a big ol’ mashup of identity, relationships and content?\ If you’re at the conference, I’ll see you at… Continue reading Social Networking Mashups

Happy New Year and Twitter Stats

We had a lovely time in Mississippi eating way too much fried/barbecued/fatty food (I only gained one pound, and have promptly lost three, so no worries), playing with the dog, hanging out with Jen’s parents, fishing and watching the boys ride around in the trailer behind Grandpa Brian’s lawn tractor. I’ll try to upload pictures… Continue reading Happy New Year and Twitter Stats