OK, Who Else Twitters Around Here?

Twitter was my only real “connection” to the
online world while I was in Mississippi (no EVDO, no wi-fi, don’t like
sharing other peoples’ computers unless I have to, etc), and I keep
slowly finding other pals who’re on it. I like the immediacy of updates
and how easy it is to turn them off when I don’t need the interruptions.
I like the simplicity of the interface, and it’s just a fun way to keep
up with what everyone’s doing and write really short stupid things while
in between things (waiting rooms, stop lights, elevators, etc).\
So… do you Twitter? I do. What I’m
really asking, if I’m not bein’ too forward, is will you be my twitter

11 thoughts on “OK, Who Else Twitters Around Here?

  1. I Twitter!!! (Kevin is my only Twitter friend. I need some other Twitter friends). I am “alank”. I am not as prolific as Kevin but I do have updates 🙂

  2. Kevin, something is up with your blog software–it takes forever for a comment submit to get a server response, and when I do, I get some red page back that almost reads like an error message. What’s up with that?

  3. Here’s the error message I get:
    500 – I Keelled It!
    I broke something. It’s my fault, I’m sure. Whatever it was, I’m sure I’ll fix it soon. Yeah, sure I will.
    Try the homepage.

  4. Yep, like I said in the e-mail, there’s something going on with one of the movable type plugins I’m using (or Movable Type itself) during rebuilds. I just haven’t had the time to dig down and figure out which one is causing trouble.

  5. On the homepage, it indicates this entry has 7 comments, but when I try to read them, it reads, “No comments to this entry.” What’s up with that, yo?

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