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I asked for advice earlier about cameras and here’s what I decided:

  • I did a little research on different digital SLRs, features, prices, etc and then went to eBay and looked for those cameras on auction. I bid low on a Digital Rebel XT, and Nikon D50 and an Olympus Evolt E500 (hoping I would get one, but not more than one).
  • I figured if I got a digital SLR with a lens for less than \$500, I would get a new point and shoot camera that’s better than what I have now but not top of the line.
  • I’ll play with the SLR, get the hang of it and have fun, but I’ll have the point and shoot as a backup.\
    So far so good. I lost the D50 and the Digital Rebel XT and won the Evolt! So, as soon as they ship it, I’ll join the ranks of digital SLR owners and see where that takes me. I haven’t decided on the point and shoot yet, but I’m in no real hurry. The Powershot A640 that Porter mentioned is the current leader, but I’m going to see if I can find something smaller. I really like Tantek’s little Canon SD400 that I saw at the last CSS meeting. It’s ridiculously small and takes decent pictures in low light (just look at his photos, they’re almost all in low light). There are plenty of newer ones to look at, and other models to compare. That task starts after I play some Excite Truck!
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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Porter says:

    If you’re looking small you should check out the S600. It’s essentially the latest update to the S400. My brother just got one for Christmas and it’s crazy tiny but still has most of the manual controls you could ask for.

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