The Big 9!

Hey peeps! What’s up?\
There is a new Veronica Mars on tonight. Woohoo! It’s counter programming to all of the lies and filth being shown on the other channels tonight. Check it out, 9pm EST on The CW!!\
Also, it’s my anniversary people, let’s PAR-TAY!\
Over the past 9 years, Kevin and I combined have experienced:\
2 kids,\
4 in-town moves,\
2 dye-jobs,\
4 broken bones,\
1 super horrible hair cut,\
buying 1 house,\
4 operations,\
1 cross-country move,\
buying 4 cars,\
1 helicopter ride,\
6 wedding rings,\
1 heart attack of a parent,\
2 family weddings,\
1 car crash,\
1 BFF divorce,\
1 trip in an ambulance,\
3 tivos,\
3 uncles that passed away,\
4 prescriptions for anti-depressants,\
2 family vacations,\
7 trips overseas,\
3 parents retiring,\
12 business trips in the US,\
6 trips to visit family,\
1 big snowstorm,\
and 4 sets of neighbors.\
What have you experienced in the last 9 years?


  1. Kev, I wrote, “7 trips overseas.” Six were your business trips and one was my trip to Hawaii.

  2. Ooh, ooh, I want to play! I’ve only been married 7 years, so I’ll start with…
    1 wedding
    1 kid
    2 commisions
    4 degrees in higher learning
    3 in-town moves
    4 cars purchased
    2 interstate moves
    1 firing
    1 fight
    And I even made my list numerically palendromic.

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