I just realized that Kevin probably took Brian’s car seat on purpose so I couldn’t crash his work dinner and make him buy me expensive fish and a fancy dessert!\
He’s going to be near Harris Teeter, which has a nice selection of hard-to-find caffeine free sodas. Think I can get him to stop in? Or did he carpool? Silly carpoolers!\
In other pooo news-

  • Brian didn’t take a nap. Which means I didn’t either and now I have a wicked headache. So booo to Brian. He is so going down early tonight. Mwuhahaha! Ahh, my head.
  • I had to throw out a whole container of ice cream. I bought French Silk and when I got it home I saw that it contained mocha. But French Silk pie doesn’t have mocha in it! Why did they ruin my ice cream with their nasty coffee? And why did they try to be sneaky about it? Super booo to the ice cream maker!
  • No car seat meant no Costco trip. Booo. And no taking the kids out to an early dinner at Friendly’s. Booo.
  • Bush is President. Booo to that. Just on principle.\
    ETA- I just realized that the restaurant isn’t where I thought it was, so good thing I didn’t try to crash his dinner!
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