Daddy’s boy and other things

Kevin must have spent extra kissy and huggy time with Brian this morning because he smells like Kev. It’s nice.\
It’s too rainy to do any of our planned activities today. Booooo! Brian and I may go to the mall instead but I need milk and the mall doesn’t sell that in a convenient gallon sizes. I only have it in me to drag myself and Max through one parking lot though so I have to choose: milk or mall.\
The meeting with the school didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but they said they would do some research and we could meet again next week. The vice principal kept guiding me away from the dyslexia testing and went on about how to qualify as disabled certain things must be present like an inability to do the basic work (or something like that), so I got to bust out my, “According to the IDEA law, a child cannot be not considered disabled due to high achievement.” YAY for Aunt Margie.\
They are also balking at giving Max an accurate reading assessment saying that their test is capped at the 5th grade level. What the hell? I have talked to: the district office, the old principal, the new principal, the vice principal, the teacher, the gifted teacher, the reading specialist and my dr’s office and no one is helping me! (And I really like my dr’s office and the school normally.) Kevin came home to me in a whirlwind of frustration. He was all, “What’s the urgency behind this?” And I cried. Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, my husband made me cry. I am going to send in my request in writing to the school and we’ll see what happens.\
ETA- I couldn’t make myself go out in the rain after all. This turned out to be a good thing since school is closing early due to the bad weather! Now, how can I convince AOL to release my husband early too?

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  1. Can Max be tested at a private agency (like Kaplan, or something along those lines)? Either that, or talk to the principal at the middle school that Max’s elementary school feeds into?

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