Quickie Update

Kevin is off for SXSWi. Every year he claims it’s a work thing and every year I swear it is “Geek Spring Break.” I have planned lots of projects around the house and fun activities to do while he is gone. Instead though, I think I will hit the store for some bonbons and lie around watching the Pussycat Dolls reality show. How many of you watched it? Come on, be honest!\
How many of you are mad at me because you can’t find orange Cadbury cream eggs at your local supermarket? I wasn’t just trying to tease you. Promise. I can’t find them at my regular store either. Poo! We were out running errands on Saturday when we ducked into a store for something quick and that is where I found them. So no orange cream eggs for me.\
Brian is a delayed speaker. He only recently started really talking. Here are some of his unique pronunciations, saved for posterity:\
Airplane= Sissy. I don’t know why. It was one of his first words.\
Thank You= Go. Yes is also Go, even though he can say “yes.” Can only tell meaning by context.\
Triangle= Up and down and around. Cuz that is how you draw them, duh.\
Rocket= Rocky. At least he’s close with this one.\
Maxi= Batty. Kevin likes to joke that he is saying “butt.” Max isn’t amused.\
Muffin= Frossies. Again, I have no idea why.\
Seep= See. Wow, he almost gets this one right too!\
He still says a bunch of words we don’t understand, but he has come along way in the last 3 months. YAY!


  1. One thing this reminds me of from when my kids started to talk is this – we’d keep thinking they said a new word, say ‘table’. Then we’d agree there was no way they could know what word or have said it. Then, a few days later we’d hear it again, clearly and in context, and then we’d realise they had said it the first time. So I stopped being judgemental about what they said and just believed everything I thought I heard!

  2. Let’s not forget to add his funny pronunciation of my name too – Aunt Heather is now just “Ah Heeeeeh”. Brian’s definitely not the first little kid to mispronounce my name, nor will he be the last. Oh the joy of having a long, long name.

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