Five Good Things

  • Extended Relief Midol, good for 12 hours. Kicks 8 hour Midol in the ass.
  • Kevin for taking care of me, Max for being creative, Brian for saying Max as “Batty”
  • I got to sleep in until 7:30 this morning- woot!
  • We changed my mom’s ticket for free.
  • The dental bill is the same as our tax refund. Yay!\
    What’s on your list?
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  1. The Mighty Tim’s Five Good Things
    + Sunlight
    + Nyquil and Benedryl cocktail
    + IBC Root Beer
    + Get to go to poker night with the guys tonight [manly grunting]
    + Cool family members with entertaining online activities, commentaries and tributaries

  2. Auntie M’s FIve Good Things
    (wasn’t sure if this was long term or just this weekend good things!)
    * I saw a picture today of a dining room that inspired me and I wrote down everything I need to do to make my dining room look “finished”
    * I bought the cutest and MOST comfortable pair of sketchers in the world.
    * I decided that the color in the living room IS the perfect color so I don’s have to repaint the whole living room now.
    * I am making a new recipe for spaghetti tomorrow that I am excited about. The reason this is good news is because my taste buds were “off” for a few weeks and nothing – I mean NOTHING – even sounded appetizing. I think it’s back now. Yeah!
    * I feel at peace with my life. (Family, friends, work, etc.)

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