Happy Family

Kevin comes home today-YAY! The house is a mess, but don’t tell Kevin, ok? I bet he’ll be too tired to notice anyway.\
For the past few days Brian has been asking for some birthday cake. In his cute little toddler voice he asks, “Birthday cake?” Then he takes a moment and adds, “Uncle Steve? Birthday cake?” over and over again. I am not sure what Steve has to do with cake, except that Brian is very fond of both. Steve does have a tendency to say, “Caaaaake” in a Homer Simpson-like way at every birthday gathering. Maybe that is what Brian is picking up on. I told Brian I didn’t have any but we would go see Uncle Tim soon and we would have birthday cake there. Yesterday afternoon passed without a single plea for birthday cake, yay! except for one quick mention in the grocery store. Later the kids were drawing and Brian said, “Uncle Steve” and Max replied, “What about Uncle Tim?” Brian piped up, “Birthday cake!”\
Max left some dandelions for a little girl down the street today. How cute is that?\
My face is acting up again. Stupid face. So I went to the dentist and the tooth next to my recently root canaled tooth needs a root canal too! Boooo. I guess it’s been infected with the “trying to keep up with the Jones’s” disease. I can’t believe how much this is costing us.\
Kevin and I started marathoning Friday Night Lights (still available for free at NBC.com) and we love it! I promised Kev I wouldn’t watch any episodes without him, though it has been hard. The show isn’t at all like the movie, imo, though I am only through episode 6. It is more like Hoosiers meets Home Front, set now. One of the best parts is the coach’s marriage. It is a realistic portrayal of a happy, loving relationship (unlike the Camdens who talk a good game but sneak around actually don’t seem to trust each other) where they support each other instead of relying on “humorous” put-downs to show affection.\
Only 3 more weeks until Paris! YAYAYAYAY Super YAY!

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