Busiest Weekend Ever

Early Friday morning, I received a visit from an excited friend who wanted to show off her new van. It was pretty and shiny and we traded gushes about our vans. Later, Brian and I went to kiddie class while Kevin and Max went to Lowe’s and Wegman’s. Then we all met up for lunch at Logan’s (mmm, steak), where we brainstormed about Max’s blog, and then went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate the end of school. (Max is now a second grader and Brian is taking kiddie classes. Wheee.) \$10 and two hours later, Kevin and the boys headed to AOL to pick up a coding book for Max’s blog and I headed to Target. My objective was to return a broken watch and get Brian a toddler-sized backpack. Did either of these two things happen? Noooo. But I did buy a really cute pair of capris, some adult-sized earrings, awesome flip flops for \$2.99, and a pool toy for the boys. The flip flops were such a deal that I bought 3 different colors. (For my birthday, my mother-in-law bought me gold hoops in the tiny size I prefer. I haven’t been able to get them in though, that is how small they are. Since then, I have been trying to wear more adult-sized earrings. I guess it’s time.) Not to leave Kevin out from the Target haul, I bought him some deodorant and floss. Oh yea, he made out big time!\
Saturday morning was supposed to be spent on Max’s blog and weeding the backyard. That so didn’t happen either. Kevin took the boys to breakfast while I slept in. He then drove down to Centerville in search of his favorite used CD store but it is long gone. He went to Trader Joe’s and JoAnne’s (in search of a birthday present) instead. Hours later I was still sleeping. YAY for me! I was having the worst dreams ever though, so it wasn’t really restful. I felt like I was stuck in Deliverance. Not fun. When I finally dragged my cute-pajamed butt out of bed, Kevin put together our new weed whacker and showed me how to use it. By this time though, the backyard was too sunny for me to attempt any weeding. I decided to rehang the dining room curtains, using drywalls anchors so that they would be more secure and would stop cracking the drywall around the rod holders. Eight holes and a few tears later, Kevin stepped in to finish the last two holes. What should have taken 15 minutes and six holes took 45 minutes and ten holes. And I really mean holes. Like, a three inch by two inch hole in the drywall that is now another job on our handyman “to do” list. After this, I frantically cleaned the main floor, except the kitchen (but four out five rooms isn’t bad, eh?) in preparation for Babba’s visit later. I told Max that we clean before Babba comes as a sign of respect. I wasn’t trying to nag him into cleaning; I was just trying to explain why I was in cleaning frenzy now. When Brian balked at picking up his toys, Max said, “Do you like Babba? Then you need to clean up!” Ha, unintentional guilt. Kevin recently started getting US Weekly for free. After cleaning up the living room, I artfully arranged them on our Ikea coffee table, like the fancy-pants decorators do. Cuz yea, that is how classy we are. Kevin and I dropped off the kids at the in-laws house and then we went out for Mexican food (yummy), floor shopping (educational), another visit to JoAnne’s (unsuccessful), a trip to Target (to finally return the watch and buy Brian’s backpack) and a movie ( Knocked Up ). We went to some mom-n-pop flooring place (actually a brother-n-sister operation, but we don’t judge) and they were very helpful and informative. We’ve decided on oak, with a micro-bevel for all three floors, with carpet on the stairs. I think I am going to get the wide planks for the main floor and the regular skinny planks for the others. We then went to Abbey Carpet, in front of the Sterling Costco, just to check prices. They were extremely unhelpful! I know Kevin is happy to never set foot inside there again. And their prices weren’t that good! The backpack I found for Brian is awesome. It’s Diego, Dora’s cousin, with a bright yellow school bus on the front- two of Brian’s favorite things. I am sure he will love it. It even has wheels and an extendable handle like Max’s. Knocked Up was funny and thought-provoking. The review I read told of the scene where Paul Rudd’s character mentions how bat shit crazy the kids were for bubbles. He said, “I wish I were that crazy about anything.” So true. Being an adult sucks sometimes. I’ve noticed that Max, now almost 8, doesn’t giggle as carelessly and easily as he used to. I am not ready for this change. He is a happy child, but doesn’t have the toddler-glee anymore. Sob. We came home around 10:15 which is the latest we’ve stayed out this year, I think. Kind of pathetic. Poor Grandpa was in the basement watching some show he didn’t really want to be because he didn’t have the password to watch real tv (sorry, Larry). I found a cute gold metallic purse waiting for me at home (thanks, Anne). Long day. Bed was a welcoming thought. But instead of going to bed, I stayed up until 2 am looking on the internet for engagement rings with a friend. Internet shopping is a blast!\
Today is Sunday and I only got five hours sleep. Totally my fault and totally worth it. Kevin wants to hit the Farmers’ Market, if he wakes up in time, then tackle Max’s blog finally. I need to weed the backyard, but won’t be attempting that until late afternoon when the sun slips in front of the house. The kids probably want to go to the pool, but I am not sure that is on the agenda for today. Oh, there is also supposed to be some toilet-fixing going on too. Wish Kevin luck with that!\
What did you do this weekend?