Random thoughts from a random mind

  • I had a jelly donut yesterday to celebrate Sharon being in the family way. YAY for jelly donuts!
  • A while ago, I joked about needing a camera and Kevin bought me one. Thanks, hon! It has too many buttons to figure out how to use it on my own. Hopefully Kevin will have time soon to help me out. Now all I need is an anniversary band. (Hey, it worked last time.)
  • I miss my folks.
  • Brian’s doing well at soccer camp, except when I am there. He runs over to sit on my lap. Poo. No pictures for posterity.
  • The high school reunion I ditched last week went off without a hitch and it was only in the 80s during the picnic. Totally awesome for those who attended. I love telling people that my high school reunion was last week since it makes me sound 28. In truth, I am 33. 33!!! Whoa. My high school didn’t have a 10 year reunion. I guess it took everyone an extra five years to work up the nerve to go outside in Arizona in the summer.
  • The other night, Brian got out of bed about 10 minutes after I tucked him in and asked Max if he could sleep with him. Max replied, “Did Mommy say it was ok?” When Brian toddled on down to the basement to ask me, I said it was fine. Brian went back up to Max’s room and climbed into bed with him. Later that night, I looked in on them and saw Brian sleeping in the middle of the bed and Max curled around him, trying not to fall off the side. It was totally adorable.
  • Last night Kevin and I were talking about something and I said, “Damn,” stretching it out to two syllables. Brian pops up, “Damn. Daamn. Daayamn.” He said it three or four times until he got the accent and syllables just right. Aww, our son’s first cuss word.


  1. I like the subtle symbolism of a jelly donut for a pregnant lady. It was very fitting. Dayaamn funny stuff.

  2. Your folks miss you too! Come on down, Aug 10-12, We’re going to Ft Walton Bch. Last chance for fun in the sun before icy, fridged, snowy winter sets in.

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