3 thoughts on “For me? To keep? For my very own?

  1. That is too funny… sounds like something I would do.
    I have flickr but can’t remember how to get to it often so I don’t use it. I need to write it down so I don’t forget as I hate redoing all the directions all the time. (I KNOW WHAT I MEAN IF THAT MAKES NO SENSE WHICH IT PROBABLY DOESN”T!!)
    Anywho… what is blog rolling?

  2. Aunt Margie,
    If you look at the top of lawver.net, you’ll see a horizontal list of links. The third is “blogroll” where Kevin lists his favorite blogs to read. The other day I just went clicking on some randomly, which led me to other blogs, which led me to other blogs. Usually, I go in a circle- Kevin, Tim, Heather- of people I know. This time I ventured further than that. Oops.

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