Yay for surprises!

Here is the cute story of how Sharon told Aunt Margie about the baby.\
Tim and Monica, Kev’s brother and sister-in-law, did something similar at Christmas when they were expecting their first child. It was fun.\
When I was newly expecting Brian, I wanted to tell my parents in a cute way and in person since I had to tell them about Max via the phone. Max and I were going out to visit them so I put Max in a “Big Brother” t-shirt, thinking that my parents would get the reference as soon as they saw him. But no. Mom thought it was a used shirt from Goodwill!!

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  1. CRACKING UP!!! I love that your mom thought it was a used shirt!!! That is priceless! That is a REALLY clever way to say it though!!!!
    Sharon has LOVED reading all the good wishes from you. In fact, I had to point out that you had these good wishes (and references to jelly donuts) on your blog to which she replied,
    “She has a blog?!?!”
    I then referred her to YOUR blog in which you were shocked to find out I had a blog.
    How is it that our family blogs but no one in the family knows about it until years later?!?! LOL!
    She has bookmarked you now. She thinks you are a funny writer! She was having fun reading your entries to me yesterday (like I haven’t read them before) She is all cute and pregnant (mind going). hehehe
    Anywho – I always thought you two were very similar. You have the same sense of humor and level of intelligence and you even married men who are intelligent and almost look alike. I am glad you are connecting through the blog!
    Love you!
    Auntie M

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