One of these days I might have something highbrow to say.

Here is my decorating horoscope: Loves antiques, florals, greens and blues, comfort and luxury, romantic touches. \
Could this be any more wrong? Comfort doesn’t count because who wants to be uncomfortable? I have a lot of blue in my house because my husband likes it, but will admit to liking green.\
You can check out your horoscope decorating style here: clicky.


  1. Yeah, I checked it out, and realized two things. Man, this has got to be one of the most creative gimmicks to get people perusing items they don’t need, shouldn’t buy, and hadn’t even realized existed. And two, do we have the same astrological sign? Go figure.

  2. That’s so funny. Mine says blue- I’m definitely not a blue person. Everything in my house is cream. Does that mean I should add more blue and my house will start cosmically cleaning itself of something?

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