No wonder I liked Angel so much.

Salon’s big article of the day: People of Paradox.

Mormons are not creationists

Say what? Since when? I’ve only been to church a handful of times in the last two years, but they didn’t change something this major and not tell me, right?

One reply on “No wonder I liked Angel so much.”

Thanks for the link to the story. That was really, really interesting! I especially liked the line about, “casserole-baking moms”. And I think the “not creationists” line refers to the fact that we’re not down with ‘creation ex nihilo’ (ie God said be, and ‘poof’, world from nothing), but we instead have the whole and far more complicated idea of God organizing existing matter, following natural laws, etc. Or maybe that’s just my take. Still, I always like a fairly written article on Mormons, and I thought this one was.

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