Beggin’ for some nuts.

Kevin got hairy for some nuts these last two months. And by nuts, I mean balls, cojones, nads. You know, testicles. He participated in fund-raising event for the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation, Inc. Testicular cancer a serious problem and a real health issue. To raise money, TPTB decided to have a “mustache-athon”. Yes, it’s a real thing and a legitimate charity. Let’s hear it for the nuts! And by nuts, I mean the people who created this event and the people who participated. Basically, Kevin grew a mustache for two months and solicited donations for the charity. Part of the contest was for him to document his progress. If you click the “photos” link above, you can see his various stages of growth. He gets punchy about 1/3 of the way through the contest. My favorite is the Moose-tache, as I love a good pun.\
I’ve endured, and participated, in porn-guy jokes, Officer Bob jokes, Lance Armstrong jokes, ball jokes. You name it, we’ve probably said it. It was a couple of months full of fun and immaturity. Yay for nuts! And by nuts, I mean the almonds in my ice cream. Yum.\
Today is the last day to donate, if you want to. Check Kevin’s post to the immediate left and you’ll see the “donate” link. I know Kevin really wants to win the trophy for most donations (and appreciate any money going to the charity.) I wonder what the trophy looks like? Oh man. And doesn’t this sound like something Michael Scott would do?