Construction Day One

Today wasn’t all that bad. The guys showed up about 9:30 and stayed until after 5. They framed the half of the office and bathroom that needed it. Sadly, this will take about 9 inches away from the office since one wall was only a concrete slab. Pout. I love me some square footage. We can hear banging and sawing but it isn’t ridiculously loud or annoying. The kids and I are staying on the main floor but when we need something from down there, I don’t hesitate to get it. I might even do some laundry tomorrow, woot. Brian wasn’t happy not getting to watch tv down there, but he survived. Around 11:30 this morning, I crashed on the living room couch after reading to the kids for awhile. I remember thinking then that I wish this were over already. But once I was fully awake again it wasn’t so bad.\
Only 14 more days to go, (she says optimistically).

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