…Dead Fish, Blue Fish

Yesterday, Max named the one gold goldfish we have Dart and the two new tiny ones Beta and Gamma. We also have two silver goldfish, but they don’t have names yet.\
One of the new tiny fish died today. Less than 24 hours after coming into our home. Sniff. Earlier, Brian was telling the fish how much he loved them. He couldn’t find the second little fish, so we all pushed our faces close to the tank and started searching. I thought it was hiding behind one of the swim-through-thingies I bought since I had seen it earlier and didn’t think it’d be eaten that quickly. Brian actually spotted it listlessly floating/swimming around and we watched while it went under the filter (which stops about half-way down the tank). It looked like it was stuck to the underside, but I think it was just practically dead and was trying to float up.\
I told the kids that it had died and I was sorry. I wanted to wait until after they went to bed to dispose of it, but got impatient. Brian watched me unhook the filter and the fish popped up to the top of the water. I dropped it in the toilet and said, “Bye little fish. We didn’t know you’d get ill. Sorry. We love you.” Flush. Only, the tank didn’t flush all the way down. I had horrible visions of this dead fish floating back up to the toilet bowl. Brian flushed the toilet two more times and finally it went down.\
Bye, Mr Fishy, we hardly knew ya. But at least you didn’t get eaten!\
ETA- I am in the top 10% of scorers in TWoP’s TV Bigshot game. Woot!

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  1. I don’t know what prompted me to play TV Bigshot, but after 1 week…top 4%! (Or, in the educational terms I’m used to, the 96th percentile.)

  2. Well, as far as fish funerals go, I’d say that wasn’t half bad. May his fishy soul rest in septic peace.

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