All hail the construction guys!!

My master bathroom is finished! The ceiling and walls were repaired and then they were lovingly painted in a brownish neutral. It looks really good. Much better than we could have done. YAY for professionals!\
After I showed my bathroom to Brian, he exclaimed, “Let’s go see my bathroom,” and ran off. But, erm… Kevin decided that we didn’t need the kids’ bathroom painted. Currently, it has some splotches on the wall from when Max’s room was originally painted blue, the counter is littered with paper cups from last night’s drinking needs, and the rug has toothpaste gunk on it because I refuse to wash it more than once a week. In short, the kids’ bathroom is not fabulous. He said, “The walls are CRAP!” I was shocked, “What?” He repeated, “The walls are crap! They’re ugly. We need the construction guys to come fix it.” Haha, no. Sorry, kid. Mommy and Daddy are about ready to tear their hair out at the thought of even one more day of strangers in the house; no way are we adding to the list.

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