Shake It Up

Yesterday was apparently Lawver day at Cheeburger, Cheeburger, the new burger place by Wegman’s. Kevin, the kids, and I went there for dinner last night. Their onion rings were so OMG!delicious, Kevin was really happy with his burger, and I was really happy with my salad. The highlight of the place, though, is the drinks. They have over 50 shake flavors, and you can mix and match more than one to create something unique. I didn’t order a shake with my meal thinking that I would get one to go before we left. (I remember rushing my order during my first visit to Cold Stone Creamery last year and how I was horribly disappointed with my choice- plain chocolate and nuts. What was I thinking??- and spent the rest of the visit trying to snag tastes from other people.) This time I knew to take my time. I spent all of dinner going over the awesome shake combinations: raspberry chocolate marshmallow, strawberry pineapple upside down cake, mango coconut cream pie, peppermint smores, caramel banana cheesecake. There are just too many awesome ones to name. They need a little taster menu of three tiny shakes. 🙂 They also had tons of other old-fashioned drinks, like floats, ice cream sodas, egg creams, and sodas. It was too much! I was paralyzed with indecision. I ordered water and didn’t get a shake to go after all. HA!\
Earlier in the day, Kevin’s mom and sister went there for lunch. Heather waxes poetic about their burgers but completely neglects to mention the shakes! Silly girl.

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  1. Hey Jen!
    I changed the name of my blog from moronfamily…
    It is now :
    Hope to see pics of your holiday visit to Miss! I can’t wait to go!!!!! Lauren and I are even more excited knowing that we have so much to look forward to. Your mom really was going to do it up for us. We just can’t wait!
    Auntie M

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