The kids and I spent almost two hours outside playing in the snow after Max came home from school. Building a snowman is surprisingly difficult. Then we came inside for hot chocolate and feety pajamas. YAY!*\
*This is totally the sanitized version. The real version is that Max clomped around the house yelling for me after getting home. He woke both Brian and me up from a lovely nap. I scurried to get Max into his snow clothes. Brian flopped around crying because he was upset at being disturbed. Then he cried about wanting to go outside to play with Max. While I gathered Brian’s snow clothes and dressed him, he continued to cry. Lovely. I couldn’t get Brian’s snow gloves on properly, so we settled for a knit pair. Then I dressed myself. Off we went! I couldn’t find the camera, so no pictures. There were lots of other kids outside already. Max and the older kids snowboarded a little. Brian apparently sweet talked an older girl into sledding with him. They went up and down over a million times and Brian didn’t have to do any of the hard work! It was really cute to see. I plopped down and was instructed by Daisy, the cute neighbor girl, to build the head of a snowman. But! But I kept crushing the head. After awhile, Daisy’s mom came out and we chatted. OMG adult time! Best part of my day. Brian soldiered on with only his knit gloves for quite awhile, but eventually his little frozen fingers became too painful. I shoved the snow gloves on and we both pretended they fit ok. The kids played for awhile more. When I finally told them to go inside, they pouted. I sent them in first so that I could shovel our sidewalk. When I got inside, the kids were complaining about being stuck in their snow clothes. Brian started to scream and wanted all of his clothes off. Neither kid wanted their new pajamas on. When I dared to pause taking care of them to get my own snow clothes off, they demanded hot chocolate. After taking a drink, Brian immediately dissed it and wanted “real chocolate milk” instead. While stirring and whipping the hot chocolate, both kids started begging for dinner. Forty-five minutes later everybody is finally quiet and content.