Are you there Mom? It’s me, Jen.

I need my mom to come mother my youngest because he’s doing things that are annoying (like asking for a specific food to eat and then changing his mind after he gets it) and things that are sad (like crying about going to school). Eeep.

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  1. Yes Sweetie, I’m here.
    I think Brian is going through the “terrible twos” just a little late. Let him cry about going to school. (Once he’s there, you can’t hear him anyway) He probably stops crying within minutes.
    As far as the food thing goes, next to the diamond saying, you know my favorite saying is “Don’t eat if you’re not hungry”. I’d give him two or three choices and let him live with whatever he selects. I doubt he’ll starve to death if he changes his mind and won’t eat a meal or two.
    Love and sympathy,
    Your mommy

  2. I can HEAR my sister’s voice as I read this!
    I love, love, love the advice. Reminds me of our Saturdays running around town to shop and eat Chinese food. I miss you, Sis!
    I was cracking up at the “once he’s there, you can’t hear him anyway) PRICELESS!!! And soooo true! 🙂
    Love you,
    Auntie M

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