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Kevin wants me to do the “five things you may not know about me” meme.

  • Except for a handful of must-haves, I don’t like owning DVDs or books. I am more of a “watch ’em/read ’em and rotate ’em” kind of gal.
  • I started college in the Honors College with a major in Electrical Engineering. What the heck was I thinking?
  • Even though we’ve lived in this house for over seven years (!!!), the master bedroom looks like the “before” on makeover show: temporary curtains, no pictures on the wall, clutter everywhere. We have a big bed with lots of pillows and no tv, so at least we are doing something right.
  • Comfort entertainment:\
    movie- Drive Me Crazy\
    tv- Designed to Sell\
    song- Jukebox Hero by Foreigner\
    books- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Mammoth Hunters by Jean M Auel
  • Dream job: organizational professional. (Which is funny considering my bedroom, right?)
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  1. Wow. I thought I was the only one who’d even heard of Drive Me Crazy. I actually own the DVD, mostly due to an inside joke between me and a friend involving his obsession with Melissa Joan Hart.

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