International Day of Awesomeness is almost here!

International Day of Awesomeness is this Monday. This is an opportunity to celebrate the awesomeness already within you.\
bq. No one’s perfect, but everyone can be awesome… People are awesome every day, frequently don’t realize it, and their feats of awesomeness are rarely recognized. We aim to fix that, with a special day to both perform and celebrate feats of awesomeness! bq.\
For the lazybones in the crowd, Monday, March 10, was picked because it is Chuck Norris’s birthday. Go here to read why Chuck Norris is so awesome.\
It’s been fun to read the different mentions of this around the internet. I am nothing if not a supportive wife, so I knew I had to do something too. Plus, Max is super excited. It is a school day and Kevin will be out of town, though, so I was having trouble thinking up something. Then inspiration struck! I made t-shirts. (Erm, I came up with the idea, did the shopping, and googling, and then went to my in-laws who actually made the shirts. Heh. Thanks, Baba and Uncle Steve.) Because really? Special t-shirts and/or cupcakes are all you need for a celebration. It’s true, ask around!\
Here they are:\
Aren’t they great? Some might even say “awesome.” I know Max will. He doesn’t know about them yet though. Wheee. I love fun and silly surprises. Then we are getting together with Baba after school to have a treat or activity of some sort.\
For my awesome feat, I decided to… donate blood! Woot. I am very proud of this idea. 🙂 I haven’t donated blood since moving here and it’s about time I did. My mom always set an excellent example of the importance and ease of donating blood. I have an appointment in Fairfax for Monday afternoon. Go me!!\
So, those are my plans for the International Day of Awesomeness. What are yours?


  1. I am soo proud of you for giving blood. That’s awesome…. I mean the day of awesomeness is well celebrated in you.

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