Another one bites the dust

My wedding ring is falling apart. Again. I put away my original ring because the gold was wearing down, leaving little protection for the diamonds. I bought a similar ring, with much thicker gold, and the same thing happened again. I give up. I am just going to draw on a wedding ring with magic marker every morning. Or get a ring tattoo. (I think Pam Anderson did this once, which automatically makes the idea a winner, right?) Maybe I will blow our tax return on a new, non-channel set, diamond and platinum ring. I hear that stuff is tough. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Kevin would make sad face though. But not if I don’t tell him!

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  1. Yes, go for platinum. Ours are both platinum and even Tommy Danger’s has remained completely unscathed through the years. He did have to have it sized up a notch as he gained a bit of daddy weight!

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