AOL’s preschool

I was totally going to post a couple of weeks ago, then the dreaded broken arm happened. But anyway…\
Top 10 reasons why I love AOL’s preschool:

  • Security: You have to pass through 3 levels of security to get to where the children are.
  • Art: they have some sort of art or craft project every day!
  • Running around: The kids have gym/playground time 4 times a day.
  • Specialists: gym, Spanish, and music are taught by specialists.
  • The facilities: water park, playground, karaoke machine, play stage, reading centers, toys, etc.
  • The web camera: Kevin, the grandparents, and I can peek in on Brian via webcameras located throughout the center and play areas.
  • Food. They feed the kids every 3 hours or so and make sure the food in nutritious and varied. (No juice, no cookies. Brian has been trying and liking new things.)
  • They’re open from 6:30 to 6:30, which means they are ready for him to be dropped off and picked up whenever we get there. No rushing to be on time, worrying about traffic, fretting in line at the store, getting there early only to have to wait around.
  • Convenience: Kevin usually drops him off on the way to work, yay.
  • There are three teachers in B’s class of less than 15 kids.\
    The center is expensive, so the kids may not be going to college after all, but at least their mother WILL BE SANE!! Or, at least, less insane. Fair trade-off, yes?\
    ETA- A bonus reason! (There were actually 4 other reasons on my list that I had to cut to stay at ten, but this one is too good to not mention.) B’s teacher emails me everyday to specifically say what the kids did and how the day went. So instead of asking, “How was your day?” and Brian responding, “Good”, I can ask, “How did you like playing ants on a log in the gym and singing ‘Rainbows’ in music?”


  1. Steve,
    We were on the waiting list for the 3 year old class about six months. I imagine that the Xmas layoffs is the reason there were two openings in the class as of March 1. That’s just a guess though.
    Are you thinking about the center for your kidlets?

  2. Yep – we had Clara on the list and then took her off the list (mistake) because she got into another daycare that we like a lot. But, now that we’ve moved the location isn’t terribly convenient so we’ve got her back on the list, along with Emre.
    My only concern with putting them there is, as you say – layoffs. My recent understanding is that you have 9 months to get your kids into another facility, which seems generous – but waiting lists are long everywhere, especially for infants where the child to teacher ratio is much lower.
    Sure would be nice to not have to drive 10 miles past work to drop them off, though. Yes indeed.

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