Brian is a mini-me!

I had a conference with Brian’s teacher today. My first one for him. The teacher, Miss Deborah, said that she thought he was special needs when she first met him, but a couple of days later she realized he wasn’t. She also said that he is needy, and cries if the slightest thing is wrong; he needs to do more than play with legos (which is what he always chooses to do during centers unless the teachers direct him somewhere else); he needs to work on saying, “I” instead of “me” when appropriate; and needs to be potty-trained. I am sure all of these issues are linked and are totally my fault. Whatever. She said that he is right where he should be in terms of knowledge- he knows the alphabet and can count. I don’t know what else he knows. She said when he is ready, he will read. He just recently started talking more and opening up. That is all.\
Reason number 53 that I love the AOL Center: these evaluations are done three times a year over 30 different areas. For the record, Brian “always” dances during music time, is “always” open to culturally divergent ideas, and is “not yet” sight-reading.

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  1. Sweetie, you’re totally potty-trained and say “I” appropriately at _least_ 90% of the time.

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