Max’s schoolwork

I just pulled this out from Max’s bag. This is the paper in its entirety, emphasis mine though:\
I was in kindergarden [sic]. Later, I went to Hawaii. Technecly [sic], I was going to the Hawaiian Islands. I stayed for two weeks. They were the best 2 weeks of my life. We lived in a house where we got dirty feet if we went barefoot. Before we got to rent the house, we went to a place. My brother and I went to a playground. On one of my last few days there I went to McDonald’s (which I only regret only because of the recipe) and later, I left. It was great. I wish it could happen again.


  1. I love kids’ writing samples! This was good to know that if we just wait to go to Hawaii when Paul is in Kindergarten, he will actually appreciate it. I like the dirty feet part. . . shows how very clean your own house is if he’s used to going barefoot without getting dirty feet usually. Cute!

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