To do

After weeks of nothing to do, suddenly I have everything to do this week!
* Go to the Health Dept to have the kids’ immunizations included in the Ga system and have Max get the ear/throat/nose report for school.
* Get new driver’s license (our month is up), get new plates and tags (sadly, this is at separate places).
* Register Max for school (the staff is back).
* Clean up the backyard from the mess the kiddie pool made (ugh, kiddie pools are such a bad idea).
* Have Brian tested at the Speech and Hearing clinic (free tests on ‘first come, first serve’ basis once a week. Though it might be less crowded after school starts. Hmmm).
* Get Brian on a few pre-k waiting lists. (This is my one regret about moving here, which couldn’t be helped. I only hope that this delay in school doesn’t have a long-lasting impact.)
* Buy school supplies (I haven’t been able to get the list from the internet to load, grr. The school should have a hard copy though).
* Exchange Max’s school pants for a bigger size.
* Do laundry and pack for Va trip.
* Ready the house for our first guest, wheee!

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