Kevin and I are getting over the worst, longest-lasting stomach flu ever. At one point, Kevin looked like a zombie. We hung out on the couch and let the kids eat pop tarts and pretzels for breakfast. It’s the most together time we’ve had in years.\
I found \$15 on my dresser today. YAY, I am rich. Which is awesome because I need to pay a \$6,000 bill for a broken pipe at the Virginia house. So, yea, not so rich. We’re bleeding money and have nothing awesome or fun to show for it.\
Max was kicked out of the gifted program at school. Apparently the state requires kids be tested in Ga before they can be part of the program. Why the teachers or the administrators didn’t know this before he started is beyond me. The testing will happen next month but then it will take another three months to have the results analyzed. He can go back into the program, assuming he “passes,” after that.\
That has been our month, which isn’t even the worst of it. So, I am going to go back into my hole and only come out for laundry, dinner, and new episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Be good, internets.


  1. What a totally SUCKY week you had. Oh man, it can only get better.
    Could you at least charge the pipe repair on a rewards credit card?
    And who does your school district leaders think they are messing with Max’s giftedness like that? Stupid tests! I hope he blows them away and then they apologize for making you go through the trouble. Or better yet, threaten to put him in another school, I bet they would change their tune. I think that if you hadn’t spent the last week barfing, you would’ve had more energy to put up a big fight. Oh well.

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