Wastin’ my time and energy

We live a half of a mile from the school, and yet I spent an hour each day dropping Max off and picking him up. UGH. If it weren’t a thousand degrees outside I would just walk to get him. Hmm. Maybe I will just suck it up.\
ETA- Virginia, kids, and old age has turned me into a sissy, I admit. Back in Arizona, before Virginia, kids, and old age, I would walk 4 times as much in much hotter heat. Sigh.\
I decided to walk to get Max and it took just as long as driving and is a helluva lot further than a half of a mile. But by walking to drop off/pick up Max, Brian and I don’t need other walking time. So, I just gained an extra hour in my day! YAY! Except, now I have to find something else to occupy Brian for an hour. Drat. Next year, when he starts school full time again, I am going on a cruise. For a whole week. Maybe even two.

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