1. Dear Jen,
    No great civilization has lasted more than 300 years. So, for the 68 years remaining for the USA, you should know that the choices you make on Nov 11 may only help to speed up that decline. Just something to think about while you tuck-in your sons at night. ILY.

  2. *This is very true* Sarah Palin will probably kill or have McCain killed if by rare chance the Republicans get back in office. America should be very afraid of the gun-toting, opportunist who thinks its okay for a 17 year old to be pregnant and then forces the young man to marry the girl, just to make it _right_. God help us all if America is led by the Republicans another four years.

  3. You go girl. The more I hear the more I feel very afraid of this coming election. I’ve voted for Ralph in the last 2 races. This one is too serious to waste a vote on.

  4. Yeh, God forbid the gun totting republicans get in office another 4 years. We are getting tired of protecting you deviant, pansy ass, pussy’s. Better to be known as the country of appeasement, bend over and take it in the ass(literally), turn tail and run. Now there’s change you can count on…under Obama

  5. Conservative, thank you for responding with class, charity and good grammar we’ve come to expect from the far-right in this country.
    Do you think calling people names is a good way to convince them? Do you have any actual _facts_ to back up your idiocy or are you just raving because you are, in fact, _crazy_?
    And where in _anyone_’s proposal is there a *requirement* for anal penetration? I don’t remember seeing that anywhere, and I doubt you’ll be able to find it except in your own addled mind.

  6. Both Conservative’s and Dad’s comments are kinda depressing. I’m pretty sure you told me that calling Obama an illegal immigrant was wrong. I can’t see much difference in calling Conservative crazy.

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