Mom’s Morning Out

A PS to my prior entry- Auntie M’s comment about her never opening the door reminded me how profusely grateful the women were that I did open the door at least. They kept thanking me over and over again. It was sort of weird.\
Today was Brian’s first day at his new preschool. I had so many options of how to spend my time: nap (which was high on the list since I only got 4 hours of sleep last night), clean the house, go to the beach, or exercise. I decided to do it all! (Well, except for cleaning the house, ha. But I did two loads of laundry before school.) First, I took a brisk walk around the neighborhood. There are 4 houses for sale in the immediately area. Hmm. Then I ran into the house, switched from sneakers to flip flops, put on sunscreen and headed to the beach where I snoozed for an hour and a half until it was time to pick up Brian. YAY for the beach. I switched back to my sneakers and purposefully arrived at Brian’s school early to check out the track. I even jogged. True story. There is a beautiful path that the winds through the woods, passing a couple of ponds. It was really nice. I don’t have anything to show for my time. No dinner made, no toys not on the floor. But it was a really nice morning, nonetheless.\
Brian did really well at the school. He played with the other kids and followed directions and just generally acclimated well. This week the class is focusing on the letter F, so they got to try French Toast today. Tomorrow, firefighters and a fire truck are coming to visit. We picked a great week to start, right? The class also has music, Spanish, and ceramics. How cute is that?