I am a dork #57, 234, and 1657

In no particular order-

  • A couple of women came to the door last week. When I opened the door, they introduced themselves and said, “We know you weren’t expecting us…” I thought, “Oh, my Visiting Teachers [members of the LDS Church assigned to check up on me, share Spiritual messages, and get important information out- in the case of a storm, etc] stopped by unannounced! I should totally invite them in!” And then they said, “We want to share a Bible message since everyone is so worried right now.” I thought, “Ooooooh, not my Visiting Teachers, just some generic Christians.” I politely told them I wasn’t interested. After they left I started questioning whether they really were my Visiting Teachers. Maybe they were worried since we had all been so sick? They didn’t say anything particularly LDS-y, but really, it’s not like we wear signs around our neck either. I finally called someone just in case word through the grapevine got around that I was shooing away Visiting Teachers.
  • Last week I actually left the house in the following: two-toned purple striped shirt sans bra, baggy capris (too big due to the weight loss caused by the two-week stomach flu last month), black and white checked sneakers without the laces [because 1) that is what makes them cool and 2) no, really, because Brian stole the laces], and a red purse slung across my body because it holds my iPod the most comfortably. Thankfully I didn’t have to get out of the car, heh.
  • There is a third thing, and probably a fourth, fifth, all the way to 196th, etc, but I can’t remember it. I think it involves Kevin and/or his job. Apparently it was so traumatic I blocked it out. Meh.\
    So, yes, I am a dork.\
    I have been trying to be less WOE WOE WOE. Is it working?


  1. Too funny. I think if they were your visiting teachers, they would have said, “Hi, we’re your new visiting teachers!” LOL. And there is an unwritten rule in the church that if you show up UNANNOUNCED for the first time, to new visting teachees, you have to bring cookies, right?

  2. When I am old, I shall wear red with purple…
    Maybe you were channeling the purple hat club or whatever that thing is called! Haha
    You are kind to open the door. I just never open it. Ever. I mean really never. I just am so cynical I always assume it’s an axe murderer!
    Auntie M

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