My Little Internet People

Max and Brian dressed up as Pip and Kitteh from the Laugh Out Loud Cats

I’m not sure what to say about the boys’ costumes this year, other than, I think I’ve broken my children. Did they want to be characters from mainstream popular culture? Nope. They wanted to be the main characters from the very funny, but very internet-y Laugh Out Loud Cats. Did anyone in the neighborhood have the slightest clue who they were? Nope. I don’t think that bothered the boys a whole lot, but I do worry that I’ve done irreparable harm to their pop culture repositories by showing them funny stuff on the internet like Homestar Runner instead of more mainstream fare. I don’t know, but they’re so damned cute as niche web comic characters, I kind of don’t care.


One response to “My Little Internet People”

  1. Holy smokes! That’s an amazing impression! Next year, I’m going as Omar Epps and hoping folks will recognize him from the show “House.”
    Hope all is well!

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