• S’up, Savannah? Why do you keep having fires and explosions that makes downtown lose power?\
    Kevin is working from home. The boys tend to forget they aren’t supposed to talk to him. I was working hard at keeping them away from him, but then he took a lunch break and I ran into the bedroom for a break of my own. I LOVE IT when Kevin is home, but not when we are supposed to pretend he isn’t.
  • We finally bought a new tv. No more green-tinted, turning-off-by-itself, whining tv for us. Super yay! I bet the neighborhood dogs are happy as well. Now we can have that election-day coverage party I wanted…
  • People came by to look at the house this morning at 9, without calling first. I just got back from a trip and the house totally looks like it! It was clean all last week, and the week before that, and the week before that. Did they come then? Oh noooo. They had to wait until it was messy!
  • Today is all about laundry and organizing toys. Can you tell I am really bored though, because I keep posting?
  • A pic from this year’s Christmas. How come I am so fuzzy?\