A new way to tell that I am O-L-D.

Max and Brian are in Virginia this week visiting Kevin’s family while I unpack. Yay for everyone involved, right? All of the bedrooms in the new rental house are painted brown. This is fine for most of the rooms, but not the boys’ room. I immediately started thinking of ways to lighten and brighten it. I told the boys I would decorate their room while they were away. (They get no input, mwuhahaha.) Anyway. Max is now nine, which is way too old for the awesome little kids stuff we have. Kevin and I went to the mall to look for “cool” bedroom stuff. We hit Hot Topic first. I could not stop laughing at us in there. We’re no longer in our 20s, remembering all of the time and money we spent there. That would be bad enough, being out of place by half of a decade or so. Oh, no. We were there to SHOP FOR OUR SON.

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  1. On the bright side, you were shopping in Hot Topic and not hitting up the softer side of Sears.

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